Can you Help?
The U3A Sapphire Coast is always keen to have new courses offered.
If you are interested in running a course for the U3A, please contact any member of the Program Sub-Committee. They will more than happy to help you with the process of setting up a course.
Contact details for the current Program Sub-Committee Members are on the Committee page of this website (or click here)

Like to offer a Course or a "One-off"Event?
If you are planning a Course or "One-Off" Event, the Program Sub-committee has developed downloadable Guides to assist you in your planning. They have been developed to help potential Leaders but are not prescriptive - the Program Sub-Committee recognises that many of our members have considerable experience in developing and running courses and will want to construct and develop their Course/Event in their own way.

Policies relating to Courses and Events

Guide to Offering a Course

Guide to Organising a One-Off Event

Submitting a Course/Event Proposal
This form is designed to assist in the planning of proposed Courses or Events. Submission of this form is not a requirement for a Course or Event to be included in the U3A Program; however all the Leader and Course/Event details requested need to be supplied before a Course or Event can be advertised to members. You can use this form to supply this information to us if you wish, by either scanning it and emailing it to a member of the Program Sub-Committee, or by posting a the hard copy to "Programs, U3A Sapphire Coast, PO Box 798, Merimbula, 2548".
Note that this form should only be completed after reading the relevant Guide above.

It is preferable for Course Leaders to book or renew the bookings for their venues themselves.
The Program Sub-Committee can assist with identifying possible venues for courses and events. If you need assistance in finding a place to hold your proposed class please contact a member of the Program Sub-committee.
For information about the U3A Centre click here.

Support Material for Course Leaders
Course Leader Handbook
The Course Leader Handbook is designed to be updated as required and is suitable for printing if necessary. It contains the following sections:
  1. Online Class Management - an outline summary of how to use the Online Class Management software (myU3A)
  2. Manual Records - alternative instructions for those who cannot use the online software
  3. Variations to Course Arrangements - what to do if details about your course change
  4. During the Term - contains important information on matters including what to do if there is an accident, copyright, course costs, attendance of non-members, borrowing equipment and evaluating a course.

Printable FormsAttendance Sheet
To assist Course Leaders in capturing attendance data, the following generic sheet has been developed for your convenience.

U3A Sapphire Coast is a not-for-profit organisation and funding arrangements for courses are generally on a ‘user pays’ basis with costs for consumable materials and venue hire normally recovered via payments made by participants at each session.However, it is recognised that in some cases courses may require a start up and/or maintenance or replacement costs.The following document is an application form to assist Course Leaders should they seek such funding.

Incident/Accident Report Form
Should an accident or an incident such as stolen property, damage to property, injury to one of your workshop participants or yourself occur, the following form should be completed and forwarded to the U3A Sapphire Coast Secretary

Personal Responsibility Acknowledgment Form
This form should be completed by all members attending a course that involves physical activity

Course/Event Evaluation Form
This form can be used to assist you in evaluating your course or event.

Member Etiquette
This one page document is a useful reminder for class members about expectations around their participation in U3A courses and events.

Certificate of Appreciation
This downloadable template has been developed for use by Leaders as a token of thanks to anyone who has contributed to the running of a Course or Event. Please feel free to change any part of the document or use as is.