Change from Newsletter to Program HandbookAn important change this year is the move from publication of a newsletter each term to our new Program Handbook, which covers a six month period. This first Handbook is for the period January to June 2015, and incorporates Terms 1 and 2.
The Update, published prior to the start of Term 2, includes changes, and details of new courses and one-off events for Term 2 which were not included in this Handbook.
While we will continue to provide hard copy information about courses each term to those members who request this, we will also look at ways that we can make better use of electronic communication including emails and our website to keep members informed about the latest news.

Are You Thinking of Becoming a Course Leader?Would you like to run a U3A course but need some help? We have access to a large number of
courses ready to run, which are available to our U3A. These cover a wide range of topics including ancient history, Australian literature, comparative religion, biology, nutrition, writing and creativity, and many more. If there is a topic that you are interested in but need some help in putting together a course plan, then contact me (details below) or the Assistant Course Coordinator, Ian Robertson (ph 0411 368 495) for assistance.

Notes for Course ParticipantsPlease arrive punctually, wear your U3A name tag and turn off your mobile phone before the course starts. If you're unable to attend a course session or complete a course, please notify your course leader as soon as possible as other members may be on a Waiting List. It is strongly recommended that phone calls to course leaders take place before 7pm.
Before you commence a course session, please sign the Attendance Book and pay any associated costs. Course leaders are not paid to present courses and these fees are needed to cover room booking fees, morning/afternoon tea, etc.
Members are asked to assist in setting up for classes and leaving the venue clean and tidy, with crockery washed and packed away afterwards. Please note that the only insurance U3A holds is for Public Liability. Presenters and participants need to have their own insurance to cover any injuries sustained at a U3A function.

PublicityCourse leaders are encouraged to inform the Publicity Officer, Julie Novotny, of interesting course activities. Your news may also help raise awareness of U3A activities with the general public, and an accompanying photo enhances publicity value.
Please contact Julie on 0417 085 050 or by email to

Notes for Course Leaders
If you have any changes to your course information which needs to be included in the next edition of the Program Handbook, please let me or your Program Subcommittee contact know by Friday 12 June.

Ian Robertson
Course Co-ordinator
0411 368 495
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