Changes to details published in Program Handbook Terms 1 & 2 2015

Please note the following changes to details published in the current Program Handbook:

  • The Classical Musicgroup has merged with **My Music**due to the passing of Ray Holtrop.
  • **My Music** is now held on Mondays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm with Frank Mallett.
  • Contact details for **One-On-One Computer Assistance**have changed. See the Course Timetable below for the new contact. Karl cannot return calls made from mobiles, so if you are unsuccessful in reaching him at first, keep trying – don't leave a message.
  • **Adventure Walking** is not taking any further participants at this stage, but you can put your name on a Waiting List. For further information contact Jenny Johnston, phone 6495 3786.
  • **Computing Basics**with Julie Novotny has been discontinued at Tura Beach, but isnow offered at Tathra with Judith Reid. For further details see the Course Timetable below or phone Judith.
  • **M****oving On - Warts and All**will be now held on Wednesdays fortnightly, from 22nd April.
  • Contact details for Tai Chi Yang Style 108have changed due to the passing of Christine Thompson. See the Course Timetable below for the current contacts.
  • Writing Your Story: This workshop was advertised as occurring during Term 2. Unfortunately, it is now not possible to offer it in Term 2, but it may be run later in the year.
  • The cost per session for Cooking With Lynnehas increased to $25. Group 1 starts on 24th April and Group 2 on 1st May. Cuisines are Nepal, Germany and Russia (as it will be a shortened Term).
  • Art Discussion and Appreciation with Beth Jackson has been discontinued.